Family Planning

A Family Planning service, which is free to all UCT staff and administered by nursing staff is available on the following Thursdays from 10h00 to 14h00:

09 January

06 February
05 March
02 April
30 April
28 May
25 June
23 July
20 August
17 September
15 October
12 November
10 December

Venue:  Room 119, Bremner Building
Time:  10h00 - 14h00

The nurses will administer what is supplied by the Western Cape Department of Health, therefore they rely on the stock they have available.

Petogen (3 monthly) and Nurlsterate (2 monthly) injections
Oralcon/Nordette and Triphasil/ Trigesteral - both combined oral contraceptives
Hyan/ Microval - mini pill

This service is free to UCT staff only.  No booking required.  First come, first served.


Page updated:  13 January 2020