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List of HR policies

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General conditions of service

Ad Hominem promotion

Disciplinary procedures

Grievance procedures

Study & research and contact leave


Redundancy, redeployment and retrenchment

Probation and confirmation

Headship of academic departments (roles and responsibilities)
Annual leave

Study & examination leave

Hours of work

Remuneration pay classes 1-12

Disciplinary procedures

Promotion of scientific and technical staff


Redundancy, redeployment and retrenchment


Private work

Staff tuition rates

Employee relations

Medical aid


Learning and development funding

Recruitment policies

Advertising procedures

Acting allowances

Employment equity
Remuneration Benefits Performance & promotion
Acting allowance


Travel allowance
Disability through ill health and Sanlam process

Retirement funding and risk cover academic, PASS

Medical aid

Medical aid subsidy

Staff tuition rates
Ad Hominem promotion

Promotion of scientific and technical staff

PASS Development Dialogue
Conditions of service Employee relations Recruitment
Emeritus Professors and Associate Professors

Equipment & clothing academic, PASS, joint staff

Fixed term contract appointments

General conditions of service academic, PASS, joint staff

Headship of academic departments (roles and responsibilities)

Hours of work academic, PASS, joint staff

Internships & learnerships

Leave academic, PASS, joint staff

Overtime PASS, joint staff

Private work academic, PASS, joint staff

Probation and confirmation academic, joint staff

Research work by PASS staff

Study & research and contact leave academic, joint staff

Academic grievance procedures

Academic redundancy, redeployment and retrenchment

Academics' Union (AU) agreement

Bullying Policy

Employee relations

Employees' Union (EU) agreement


NEHAWU agreement

PASS grievance procedures

PASS Performance Improvement Plans

PASS staff redundancy, redeployment and retrenchment

Unsatisfactory performance at faculty level (academic)

Workplace forum constitution

Academic recruitment policy document

Adjunct appointments

Advertising procedures

Appointment of Deans, GSB Director, Executive Director and the Registrar, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Vice-Chancellor

Appointment of Wardens and Assistant Wardens

Appointment without advertisement

Employment equity

Honorary appointments

PASS (PC 1-8) recruitment policy document

PASS (PC 9-13) recruitment policy document

Re-appointment of Deans, GSB Director, Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Vice-Chancellor

Relocation & Work permits

Requirements prior to taking up an appointment (PASS)

South African Research Chairs (SARChI) appointments
Learning & development Organisational health Life events
Learning and development funding
Injury on duty academic, PASS, joint staff

Occupational health and safety

Substance abuse

UCT HIV & Aids Policy
Resignation academic, PASS, joint staff

Confidentiality & security academic, PASS, joint staff

Firearms and dangerous weapons

Gifts academic, PASS, joint staff

HR delegated authorities

Intellectual property academic, PASS, joint staff

Religious holidays academic, PASS, joint staff


Staff cards

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