Temporary PASS staff


These agencies have been mandated to assist UCT in sourcing temporary staff, see the procedure for sourcing temporary staff below.

UCT's preferred providers of temporary staff

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Agency Contact Telephone Rates
Corporate Placements Melanie van der Poll 021 424 8444
084 558 3890
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Fempower Personnel Rea Mostert

021 872 6053
064 582 1959

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Nina van Graan 021 872 6053
082 956 0091
Impact Human Resources Veno Moodley 010 241 7000
084 408 1625
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Ada Evans 010 241 7000
076 821 8004
SD Recruitment

Yolanda Van Dyk

021 948 3451
083 618 4501

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Gizyle Bezuidenhout 021 948 3452/3

Procedure for sourcing temporary staff:

  1. Check the payclass level of the post which needs to be filled on a temporary basis. Also check whether there are any additional tasks or whether there are any tasks which will not necessarily be done by the temp.
  2. Send the position description (taking into account the above) to the relevant agency, along with an indication of the duration, payclass level, budget constraints and any other information related to the assignment.
  3. Inform the agency of your selection process, i.e. your equity requirements, whether you would like to see a number of CV's and whether you will be interviewing candidates for the assignment.
  4. Once you have selected a temp, the agency will send you a quote, along with their terms and conditions.
  5. Rate confirmation (quote) will be signed by an agency manager and by the relevant UCT staff member confirming the quote.
  6. Provide the agency with your fund number and cost centre. Please do not place a purchase order as it may result in a duplicate and/or late payment.

Temps applying for posts at UCT

Please note that on commencement of an assignment, all temps will be advised by their agency that they are to apply for vacancies at UCT via the agency, and not directly. This will enable the department considering the application to make arrangements for budget to cover a conversion fee if necessary.

Further information

Should you require any further information on the above process, please contact your HR Practitioner.

Page last updated: 16 March 2020