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Purpose per section

View the Human Resources departmental structure.

Section Purpose
Employee Relations The main purpose is to develop and maintain effective and constructive employee relations.
HR Client Services To ensure an efficient HR Client Services function aimed at organisational effectiveness.
HR Management Information & Systems, Payroll and Registry To provide business, application and technical expertise to fully support the SAP HR implementation at UCT. To provide leadership and direction in the use of additional technologies to support HR processes. To continually seek ways to improve and enhance efficiencies in HR process and management reporting.

To support and manage the payroll process including legislative compliance and risk management.

To ensure the efficient and effective storage of documents including filing, archiving and electronic scanning.
HR Compensation and Benefits (including Organisational Health and Appointments) To attract and retain the right people for the fulfillment of UCT's mission and goals, through a visible UCT employee value proposition.

To provide appointments and benefits administrative support including legislative compliance and risk management.

To strive towards wellbeing at an organisational, interpersonal and individual level, resulting in productive and fulfilled employees by mitigating risk in a caring organisation.
HR Organisational Development To design and deliver processes and programmes, aligned to the UCT strategy, for implementation in faculties and departments. This includes building leadership and employer capabilities, enhancing performance and effectiveness, strategy development and the facilitation of change management initiatives.
Learning and Development To plan, develop, design, co-ordinate, implement and facilitate people development initiatives at UCT, and to satisfy the requirements of the skills development legislation.

This specifically includes the provision and evaluation of an on-site staff learning programme and facility which provides learning and development for PASS staff and academic staff (for that part of the academic role that deals with administration and management only). It also includes the monitoring of development initiatives and competence across the university.
Organisational Design To assist in creating job and position structures, position descriptions, position grading and competency frameworks for all levels of work within the university.
Staff Recruitment Office To recruit and select the best people in order to achieve the institution's goals.

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