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Development Forums and feedback

Development Forums

The purpose of the Development Forum is to:

  • Identify possible successors for critical positions
  • Identify and record development needs to fulfil current roles
  • Identify and record development needs to fulfil possible future roles or develop careers
  • Identify and record development needs to position possible successors to take up critical positions
  • Link development plans to departmental or faculty objectives
  • Review and approve applications for "Exceeds 1" and "Exceeds 2" awards

Development Forums will take place in small, logically grouped sections such as faculties or functional departments. Information gathered from these various Development Forums will then be centralised and distributed to relevant bodies or forums for a variety of purposes i.e.:

  • Exceeds information will be extracted and sent to the relevant bodies for further consistency checks
  • Development, career planning, succession planning and scares and critical skills information will be sent to the HR Organisational Development team for amongst other, legislative reporting purposes.

For more information about your area's specific Development Forum, contact your HR Practitioner.

Development Forum feedback

Development Forum feedback discussions take place after the Development Forum meetings each year.

The purpose of the Development Forum feedback is for the line manager to:

  • Give feedback to the staff member regarding the outcome of the Development Forum discussions, which forms part of the performance and development record.
  • Summarise the staff member's strengths and development areas and note performance needed to improve in development areas.
  • Record positions that the staff member could move into now or in a few years' time, and any development needed.
  • Remuneration related information (i.e Exceed awards and increases) will not form part of this feedback as these processes would not be finalised by the time this feedback is happening.

Page last updated: 31 May 2016