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Benefit information sessions

Please note that currently the benefit information sessions will be held via MS Teams

Benefit information sessions for new staff are generally held once a month in the Human Resources Department, usually on the first Tuesday of each month.

These sessions cover the following topics which are of interest to new staff:

  • Employee Assistance Programme (ICAS)
  • Retirement benefits
  • Healthcare benefits and options

New staff are encouraged to attend a session prior to or as near as possible after their start date at UCT so that they can make informed decisions with regard to the benefits listed above.

The information sessions are held in the Bremner Building from 10h00 to 13h00. Please inform the Appointments Office of which day you are able to attend. The remaining dates of the sessions are as follows:

6th October
3rd November
1st of December

If you are unable to attend the session in the month you take up the appointment, please view a recording of the session on the UCTRF website   It would be appreciated, however, if ever effort could be made to attend the session as this will allow you to ask any questions you may have regarding your benefits


if every effort could be made to attend one of the general sessions.

Page last updated: 8 October 2021