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Cost of employment (COE) ranges and costing information for permanent academic staff (2017)

See: Remuneration appendix 2017

The Standard Academic Salary Package (SASP) COEs (per annum) for permanent academic staff (excluding clinical and pre-clinical staff) effective 1 January 2017.

Permanent staff
2016 SASP
% Increase
2017 SASP
Junior Research Fellow
503 026
533 208
Assistant Lecturer
503 026
533 208
558 915
592 451
Senior Lecturer
687 208
728 441
Associate Professor
810 900
859 554
1 023 367
1 084 771

Please note that UCT has taken a decision to implement its salary 2017 offer of 6% and that it will be participating as per due process in the current union disputes around this.

Costing information for permanent academic staff

For calculation purposes the following must be noted:

  1. Deemed pensionable amount (DPA) =
R0 to R150000
R150001 to R250000
R250001 to R400000
R400001 +

The percentage may vary between 50% and 100%. Staff may elect this percentage at the beginning of each year, but please note that staff will not be entitled to decrease the percentage amount in any year. If you do not wish to increase the DPA percentage, the percentages reflected above will apply.

  1. Benefit amount (BA) = 70% of COE.
  2. Unallocated amount (UA) = cash portion of COE left after allocations have been made for compulsory and optional benefits.

The figures below are based on full-time hours per day and will be pro rated accordingly for part-time staff, based on the number of hours worked per day.

Total cost to the fund holder will include costs over and above the COE received by the staff member. These are:

UIF 1%
Skills development levy 1%
Maternity replacement and retrenchment costs levy for T1, T2 and permanent soft-funded staff (paid from a research or non-GOB fund)
With effect from 1 January 2016 (previously 1%)
(Note: use COE to calculate these amounts)

Page last updated: 13 February 2017