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12 January 2017: Staff Learning Programme 2017

The 2017 Staff Learning Programme provides an on-site programme of job-related, non-formal, short skills courses for PASS staff and academic staff. A full listing of the Staff Learning Programme courses can be found on the course calendar.

To book for one of the courses, use the online booking form. Further details about these courses, and courses run by other UCT centres of learning, can be found in the 2017 Staff Learning and Development Resource Guide.
30 November 2016: Updated HR forms

HR140 (Leave) - Label added to sick leave field "Monthly salary will be reduced once sick leave full pay is used up".
HR101 (Personal Details) - Postal address fields removed from the Address Details section.

Full details of all form changes are available on the Updates and new forms section of the UCT Administrative forms website. Please ensure that you always use the latest copy of a form on the UCT Administrative forms website.
23 November 2016: Early viewing of your payslip on ESS

From November 2016 onwards, your electronic payslip will be available for viewing on SAP HR Employee Self-Service (ESS) two calendar days before pay day. The November pay day is Friday 25th so your payslip is now available for viewing on ESS. This service is available to all T1 (≤ 2 years), T2 (2 – 5 years) and permanent staff members. Hourly paid / ad hoc / paid-on-claim staff or those sourced from a temp agency unfortunately do not have access due to the temporary nature of their role.

Access ESS via the SAP HR Employee Self-Service page.
17 November 2016: Newsletters

Diabetes: Are you at risk?
Three common cancers that affect men
Together moving a non-violent South Africa forward

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