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20 November 2015: Submission of HR forms for payment in December 2015 and January 2016

Deadlines for the submission of HR forms for payment in December 2015 and January 2016:
  1. December 2015 payrun: Forms submitted by no later than Wednesday 25 November 2015. Any forms submitted after this date will only be processed in January 2016 for the January payrun.
  2. January 2016 payrun: Forms submitted by no later than Friday 11 December 2015.
    As SAP will be down for a few days in early January, we will have a very small window in which to capture forms for payment on 25 January 2016. We appeal to all departments to make a concerted effort to submit all their January contract renewals by this date. This will avoid:
    1. Signatories being on leave and not able to sign renewal forms
    2. Staff access being affected and or being interrupted
    3. Staff not receiving their salaries on time in January
13 November 2015: Recent updates
  1. General conditions of service for joint staff
  2. Recruitment best practice document removed from Recruitment policies and guidelines page due to outdated content
  3. 2016 Discovery Health documents (contributions, plan comparison, Vitality) available on the Discovery Health page. Deadline for submitting the option change form is Friday 27 November
  4. HR contacts and departmental organograms
4 November 2015: October and November newsletters

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